Much more than Virtual Staging

Virtual Renovation is much, much more than Virtual Staging.

Virtual Staging starts with a photograph of an empty apartment, Virtual Renovation can work directly from a floor plan.

With Virtual Staging,  the apartment must be painted, lit, floors done, and windows cleaned.  THIS COSTS  MONEY.  Pictures of furniture, appliances, rugs and artwork are then added to photo of the apartment.  These pictures must match the apartment photo in terms of orientation, size, scale, etc.

Virtual Renovation takes the floor plan of any apartment (empty or occupied, white-glove clean or a “fixer-upper”, dark or light) and creates a 3D model that can be transformed to show potential modifications. Rooms can be combined, doors moved, closets built. Paint colors and floor finishes, furniture, appliances, lighting, rugs and artwork can be downloaded from the web, and then rotated and scaled to fit the apartment exactly.  Selections can be modified with a few mouse clicks.  Photo-realistic renderings can be created for an unlimited number of views.  A virtual walking tour can guide you through the entire space.

All this can be done without ever setting foot in the apartment.  AT A COST OF HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS NOT THOUSANDS

On Sunday 11/25, the NY Times Real Estate section presented a discussion of Virtual Staging, “Furnished with Pixels”. View it here.

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